Sunday, August 1, 2010

some asshole is making graffiti that looks like my drawings

My sister works as a book editor. Publishing companies get these sample books from book binding companies - really nice hardbound books, but there's no text on the pages. So I get these sweet free sketchbooks every once in a while.

This image is from one of these sample books - this one is entirely glossy paper. I'm filling the whole thing with images like this. I like to use water soluble ink, then wash the whole thing in water to give it texture. I put a bit of a watercolor wash on this one as well.

These images are very relaxing and meditative to create.

Some asshole is following me around and making graffiti using shapes just like this. I've seen a few in Vancouver. There's one on this island I'm living on too. Stop following me, buddy!

I'll take a photo of the graffiti sometime.

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