Tuesday, August 31, 2010

rainy day

I don't enjoy the West Coast rainy season in Vancouver. The hissing sound of car tires on wet pavement, the bleak grey clouds casting grey light on grey concrete...

I do enjoy the rain in the forest, though... but I've never spent a winter nestled in the trees of southwestern BC, so I'm looking forward to seeing if the joy lasts.

Rain in the forest feels right. Distant trees fade into misty silhouettes. Wind whisks the treetops, but everything is still and meditative on the forest floor. Big droplets fall from the canopy like crystals, and explode on ferns and mossy humps that were once tree trunks. This weather is what the west coast is all about.

Today is the first day I've needed to use the woodstove. Nothing beats the radiant heat of wood burning inside a metal box.

Every woodstove is different - it takes a while to figure out the tricks on how to get the best draw when you're starting the stove, and where the air intake sits best to give a good burn... and, once winter hits, figuring out that sweet spot with the smallest amount of air that will let you keep a big log burning all night.

Speaking of "burning all night", there are way more parties on this little island than I ever imagined. I'm looking forward to the day when I don't feel hung over or intoxicated, or both. I'm working steadily, but it's a tough slog. Maybe I'm partying too much to get over the perfectionist anxiety I always feel when I'm right at the end of a film.

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