Monday, August 30, 2010


Sketches from a greasy spoon for breakfast this morning.

New favorite saying: "Life is full."

New favorite threat: "I'm going to open your asshole like the back of an armoured vehicle."

Favorite weekend memory: An image of four good friends sitting on a bench, lit by candlelight. None of them had met before that night - so bizarre and perfect to see them all together, having a good time.

Second favorite weekend memory: Drawing in my sketchbook with 2-year old Leelu in my arms, contentedly watching. "What's that? What's that?"

Third favorite weekend memory: Swimming back to the party on Saturday night. Walking back up the road to the house, dripping wet, and seeing that more people had arrived.

Music and candles and discussions, dogs and children, laughter and freestyling, costumes and wigs, moonlit awe on the rocky beach, watching waves and feeling the wind.

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