Sunday, August 8, 2010

sun heart of sky beast

First shots for the next film. It's not going to be a conventional story, more like a series of images that you can find our own meaning in. I'm going to use all kinds of techniques and not restrict myself to keeping any rigid style or creation process.

I'm extremely excited about it. To me, a big part of art is letting go of restrictions and making your own rules. Every single shot I've planned makes me cackle so far, because it's so far off convention and so true to myself.

The weather has changed and the ocean has become significantly colder. I've lost some fat in the last few weeks, and really felt it swimming yesterday - I didn't do my two big swims, only went about 1/5th of the distance once. In cold weather I'll need to eat more and/or wear a wetsuit, and/or maintain a high heartrate for the entire time I'm swimming. No chill-out breaks floating on my back and rolling over waves.

A big ol' seal followed me around while I was swimming last night. I climbed onto a floating dock out in the middle of the cove and he circled it, watching me cautiously. I didn't have the balls to jump in until he swam down the shore a bit.

Makes me realize that there is a bit of a risk of encountering larger sea animals. There's a huge undersea cliff right offshore where I swim, so I need to be a bit more aware, because I'm in very deep water that a killer whale could easily be cruising through. If an orca ever spotted me I'd be dead, guaranteed. Maybe there's an orca-watch website I can look at. Or maybe I should just stick to the cove when visibility isn't so good (waves / wind / fog)...

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