Thursday, August 12, 2010

100 Shots, Boulders, etc

Check out this rock. I stretch myself all over that sumbitch at least twice a day. The routes I boulder / climb always change because of the tide. When the tide is low, I can climb lower and use the hightide footholds as handholds. When the tide is really high, I can climb vertically instead of horizontally, because the water is there to catch me if I fall from too high. I fell for the first time yesterday while trying to climb up to the grass from a new route.

New challenge - wasps are building their nests in some of the choicest deepest handholds, so I have to work out new ways to travel. I accidentally twiddled my finger on a nest yesterday, but no harm was done to either party.

The wind really blows in the morning when the day is going to be hot - it's a real workout to swim. You gotta keep your eyes on the waves, and you often have to break your rhythm to get a good push over a breaking wave.

I definitely have the same evening swim pattern as Missus Seal. I think we're developing a mutual respect. Neither wants to get too close. It seems like she appears whenever I submerge, though, which freaks me out. I go under for 10 seconds, and when I come back up, there's her big head (and huge powerful bulldog jaws) staring at me. I usually talk calmly, and make growling and huffing sounds, and hope I'm saying "Stay Cool", instead of "Hump Me".

Working on shot number 100 today! Actually blocking in all the remaining shots to get the pace right. Shot number 100 is called "POV_Carnage". Whoa!

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