Friday, August 6, 2010

sketch with words

Doodlin' at the coffeeshop. I sometimes add random thoughts to a drawing, or little phrases that I overhear. It makes the images feel like they're part of a story.. you start to fit the sketch into a situation just because of one little phrase.

On a related note, I am dying to create a graphic novel, but instead of writing it myself, I want to adapt a screenplay / theatre script / short story or something. Does anyone have any work that translates well into visuals (i.e. not too much dialogue?) Or maybe there's an old film or novel that you think would work? A science fiction short story might be cool. Or maybe it's a story / script that you've written?

Any subject matter is fine.

Send me an email at gogomax49 at gmail dot com if you have any ideas - thanks!

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