Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been hesitant to show much of the film lately, but I guess it's good to give a little away every once in a while. Here's a few shots from it. They're screengrabs from compressed Quicktimes in my editing software, so the picture quality isn't great.

I'm really happy with the flow of the last part of the film. The pace feels good, there's lots going on, and the camera moves and onscreen action flow into each other well. I find myself being drawn in whenever I review the cut.

I'm not as sure about the first half of the film. There's a few shots where the conflict settles more than I'd like, and if it makes the audience drift away for even half a second, I'm going to lose people. So I have to go back and fix that. I've already cut four shots from the middle, which helps a lot, but I might have to cut more. Weeks of work down the drain! C'est la vie.

The ocean was colder today because of a wind change, had to swim harder to stay warm but I'm growing more confident that I'm not going to suddenly cool down and stop swimming in the middle of the water. I'm still not sure why that happens to people, but I've had to drag friends to shore on several occasions, so I know it happens.

An osprey snatched a fish out of the water while I was swimming, and on the way back to land, took a detour and swooped over me to see what the hell kind of creature I was.

C'est la vie!

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