Saturday, July 31, 2010

crustacean nation

60-second sketch with a 2B pencil, with 3 minutes worth of painting on top.

Working this weekend to catch up on the film a bit.

Swam out to the kelp beds again today for the first time in a week or so. So creepy out there. Saw something new this time - long-legged crabs (between 2-8" diameter bodies) are climbing up the kelp. Maybe 1-2 crabs per twist of kelp on average. Most are holding onto the tangled braids of whiplike stalks, but sometimes a smaller one is perched right on top of the kelp ball.

What is up?

They weren't there before. Visibility is a lot lower right now because of higher water temperatures (= more algae), so maybe the crabs climb higher to follow their sun-loving prey up the kelp?

What the hell do crabs eat?

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