Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here's a retarded picture. It was way more retarded at the start, when it was only a bunch of 3am drunken ramblings I wrote while listening to Led Zepellin and laughing and saying "yeah. yeah. yeah." out loud to myself. Then it got better when I drew a man and fingerpainted coffee on it. Then it got worse when I finger painted white acrylic on it, then better (but still terrible) when I washed off the acrylic. Now it's a honking pile of shite I call "Mentalist Finds Flies Behind Venetian Blinds".

I recommend watching "Shutter Island" - it is the opposite to the goo-chasm illustrated above. Martin Scorcese and Leo DiCaprio. It's a very tight script, great story that gives tonnes of motivation and tension, and Leo is so committed and present in every scene.

I think the film stands out for the camera work. Watch how simple tricks of the camera are used to discomfit you (switching the Director's axis, quick pans and cuts that are off-pattern, etc.) That is what you get with an old-school director (and D.O.P., I'll bet) who know the basic language of film, and can fuck with it. None of that CGI sweeping camera move bullshit, or crazy special effects. (In fact I think some VFX were intentionally done wrong for discomfort and story purposes!) Lots of risks taken directorially, and they all worked. That's what you get when you've been art-ing for so many years, I guess.

I'm inspired that Martin Scorcese still challenges himself and takes risks at his age. Something to aspire to for sure.

*footnote: the term "mentalist" traces its roots back to Chris Huggins, salesman-gone-wrong, guardian-of-parkades.

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  1. There is not enough coffee finger painting going on in the world.