Sunday, August 15, 2010

more than words

Here's some of the things I did in the city this weekend. Only two of these situations were related to each other - it was a mad wander into like 15 different scenes:

- Chased a car on my bike.

- Trespassed and climbed onto a roof.

- Consoled a friend who just lost big in the stock market.

- Stole water and gave it away like Robin Hood.

- Watched the sun set on the beach while talking about Boroque music, honour, and duels to the death.

- Wiped cat hair off a quilt. (This is significant because it took a LLOOOONNNG time to clean cat hair off the quilt.)

- Called 911.

- Planned a dance / animation show.

- Swam and rock-climbed at Lighthouse Park.

- Chased someone into a crackhouse.

- Played with children.

- Washed blood off someone's hands.

Fantastic times, but I'm hoping nothing else happens for the rest of the day. I'm drained. Tonight I'm sketching at a theatre rehearsal. The play includes a sperm-stealing witch and a man with a ginormous penis.

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