Monday, August 2, 2010


A lady on the ferry. It's not as easy to draw people on the ferry as it is in coffeeshops. People on the ferry move around a lot and look around a lot. I suspect it will get easier in the fall when tourists aren't around. It's easier to draw the regulars who sit in their car and read / nap during the 20-minute ride.

I had a beautiful swim tonight right at sunset. The water was super calm so I swam further than I ever have in my life. There's an adult seal that hunts in the kelp beds at sunset. He/she scoped me out right as I was nearing shore. Thank gawd it wasn't when I was way out in the water - I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I honked at him a bit and we watched each other and dove / surfaced at a distance of about 50m, but that's it. I wonder if we'll get to know each other over time. Maybe he'll kill me eventually.

I'm circumnavigating this whole island bit by bit, by hiking/swimming/climbing the rocks. I have a map where I mark the bits of perimeter I've done so far. The tough part is going to be a long stretch of cliff. It doesn't look like there's any breaks in the cliff so I'm going to have to swim the whole way. I think it's about 8-10 times further than I swam tonight... but I suppose I could rest by holding onto cracks in the rock for a while. I've been bouldering along the rocks every day, so my fingertips are getting strong. It would be nice to do that cliff-part with someone, but the only person I know who's interested is away for 2 months.

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