Thursday, August 26, 2010

bye, monkey

Here's a still of the shot that uses the painting I was working on yesterday.

"Monkey" is the name of the yellow protagonist in my film, "Perfect Detonator". I don't know why I called him Monkey - he's more like a mouse or some other rodent. These creatures don't speak English, so you never hear his name.

Sadly, this is the last day I will be animating my little yellow friend. After this are three more shots, but none of them involve Monkey.

Later, buddy. You did good.

I think Monkey is gone for good, but these little animal creatures are likely to make an appearance in some of my future films.

I was worried about finishing this film and being left with no work to do... but already, things are piling up. There's going to be very little break between finishing the film and moving on to other projects (including post-production and marketing The Perfect Detonator).

In fact, things are already starting to overlap. The final weeks of this film are interspersed with meetings in Vancouver, budgets, schedules, grant applications, and cost estimates. The trick is to keep my priorities straight - namely, staying happy, and making art. The easiest way for me to keep those priorities in sight is to draw every day. Draw or be drawn, bitches!

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