Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the vibe

I get to do some classical (hand-drawn) animation for the next few days. I'm really enjoying the challenges of classical - I can see myself doing it for long long time... as opposed to 3D (computer) animation, which I'm getting a bit tired of.

Every time I do a classical shot, I understand the vibe a bit more. It's the same as sketching, in that you gotta stay loose so the lines are expressive. But the difference is that you're drawing motion - so you sometimes draw lines that don't make sense in a logical way in a single frame, but work in terms of flow and movement.

Shit like this is hard to put into words.

Lots of jellyfish in the ocean today. I got stung a few times, got a nice burn on my hand from a bigger one, but its so worth it. Went out a little deeper today so I couldn't see the ocean floor, only blue-green, and unearthly formations of delicate shimmering-white jelly creatures.

There's a kelp bed about 100m offshore that a seal likes to hunt in at sunset. Next step is to gather the courage to go out there with the mask and snorkel and check it out, see how he reacts. I don't want to mess with his vibe, so I won't do it much, but I would love to think I could laze around in the sea and watch a seal jetting around below me without shitting my pants.

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