Thursday, July 8, 2010

down on trees

Lots of tree paintings these days for backgrounds, which suits me just fine. The reference for these trees was a photo I took looking down from a bush plane, flying over the northern tundra in NWT, about 2 km south of the Arctic Ocean and 100 km West of Inuvik.

It's pretty hilarious how little of the paintings are actually seen in some of the shots... but I think that the extra work still shows through.

This is a very quick shot at the end of the film when everything gets crazy. I'm blocking in the last of the shots today. Some are going to be a lot of work to complete, though. A tonne of classical animation, 3D character animation, visual effects and compositing. These shots are really quick and the action is fairly complicated, so it's a real challenge making the cuts work and the shots clear while maintaining a high level of energy. Lots of fun!

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