Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bird Up At Shadow

Frame from the latest completed shot. Classical animation coloured on the computer, comp'ed onto a multilayer painting of a tree which is comped over another blurred painting.

Really hard to work with all the sun and ocean out there. My sinus cavities are often sloshing with sea water. When I bend over, it runs out my nose. Getting better at swimming, this evening I went for a non-snorkeling swim that's four times the distance (and twice as far out) as I dared to do when I first arrived. When I get back I'm always tired and feel like napping instead of working.

The tide was super low this morning, so I had a chance to see the seafloor further out than usual. Lots of neat seaweed, different starfish, lots of fish hiding in the longer weeds. I went out to the kelp bed and cruised around in total awe of the forest of ropy tendrils, alien bulbs and long swaying fronds. Tonnes of fish out there.

The problem with snorkeling is that I don't tend to exert myself much, so my body cools off after a while. For two days in a row now, I've gone out for quite some time and come back with a deep chill and had to sit under blankets. Obviously the coolness is getting into my core. Could be that I'm losing fat as well, because of all the exercise. I have a wetsuit, but I like to go as natural as possible. I think I'll try kicking a bit more, keep the heartrate up, and see if I can get used to it before I start using the wetsuit.

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