Thursday, July 29, 2010


The brain is starting to accelerate now that my film is nearing completion and I'm doodling more again. I have a tonne of ideas. The challenge will be to focus on a doable amount...

A wasp just blundered into a tiny spider web outside my window. I've never seen a spider move so fast, he was leaping all over the place trying to bite the wasp before he escaped.

The wasp pulled himself out, now he's gracefully wiping the webs off his butt with his long rear legs. It's one of those long wasps.

He's also wiping his face at the same time. I'd like to try wiping my ass and washing my face simultaneously sometime..

I got home drunk last night and decided to add a bit of ultraviolence to the end of the film. It makes me laugh and as the brand-new saying goes: "The filmmaker should always listen for his own laughter."

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