Monday, July 19, 2010

the water

Slowly learning about the natural ways of this island... the wind comes at different times than in Vancouver, and means different things. North wind means warm water, south wind means cold. Windy on hot mornings, but it dies down in the early afternoon. Unlike Vancouver, the evenings are dead calm. (Katabatic winds bring in South-westerlies on summer evenings in Vancouver, until the sun goes down.)

I swim out to the kelp beds at least once a day now. I haven't been out there with the seal though.

The sea life around this bit of shoreline is astounding, and I'm sure I would notice something new every day if I swam here for the rest of my life. But I've been reminded that the most diverse sea life occurs in other areas where there is more constant current - i.e. in the channels between islands. Plankton and everything else gets carried through there in higher concentrations, so it's like a big drive-through restaurant, and everything wants to hang out and eat.

My early job dream was to be a marine biologist. I read literally tens of thousands of pages on marine life before the age of 13. Some of that information is starting to filter back. Bring it on!

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