Saturday, January 8, 2011

retracing steps

Here's the next project for my overhead stop-motion camera rig. I'm doing a map of Vancouver, retracing all my movements and memories of the city from when I first moved there in September 1992. It doesn't look like much yet, because I just started, but by the time I'm finished most of the map will be transformed into a wash of colours and a mess of lines. The animation will be purdy interesting as well (I hope).

This is a very exciting and powerful exercise - to run through every memory I've had in that city in the last eighteen years. Listening to music and remembering my awkward days as a young adult.. lots of fiery and exciting times. So far the memories are mostly good. I don't know if a person blocks out the bad stuff or what, but the only bad stuff I can think of is extreme and uncommon, like getting beat up and hospitalized.

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  1. I heard a study that claimed the mind is like teflon for the good and velcro for the bad. A mechanism for survival. You've got it beat!