Saturday, January 29, 2011


At the first animation studio I worked at, when a shot was approved it would be given a pink colour in the edit. There was bonus money if you got a lot of animation "pinked" in a week, so pink has always stuck in my mind as a good thing. Whenever I finish a shot, I say in my head, "PINK!"

I just finished cutting in the HD renders of my film tonight. All 108 shots. (The spreadsheet on the left was what I used to track my shots throughout the process. Some of those bastards took weeks to do.) That means I'm officially finished everything from my end of things... if you exclude the next 18 months of marketing and festival submissions.

I've sent out the film to one festival already, and I'm super impatient to send out to others, but I really should wait until the colour correction is done (next week), and the sound is put into Dolby Surround (in two to three weeks). That means I'll miss two festivals that I've won at in the past, but I can always wait until next years' deadline for both of them.

That wasn't much of an art-y image, so here's a daily coffeeshop sketch:

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