Thursday, January 13, 2011

vancouver memories part III

All the photos are done. Thirteen years of travel and memories in there. I have to colour correct the shit out of this to get the colours all spanky.

Last realization about Vancouver - there are three places I've always liked, ever since the start: Wreck Beach, Third Beach, and the Downtown East Side.

The power was out for a good part of last night and today. Nice and quiet house for a while with no humming fridge or anything. I had a one-man party last night - went down to the beach with a couple beers to feel the snow and hear the waves, then came back and wrote by candlelight until 5 am. I was super stoked about whatever I wrote, but I haven't had time to read it yet. Guaranteed its at least 75% garbage.

Just looked - here's one thing:

"I can't wait to see some documentaries by Iraqis about whatever has happened over there. It's gotta happen."


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