Friday, January 14, 2011

diggin it

I'm diggin' the looks of my studio room at the moment. Lots of technical stuff. I like how quickly things change depending on what I'm working on. Makes me feel like a mad scientist.

I spent way too long photoshopping that image up above. It was one photo exposed to the monitors (so all black except for monitors), and another photo exposed to the light outside (so the monitors were bright). I got tired of fucking around with it so the laptop monitor looks like shit. Next time I'll turn off the monitors for the second photo, which will make things look more real.

I recently realized that most PC-using professional computer graphics people use a dual monitor setup. Because of that, I'll probably never do it just to be a dick. I will also say reactionary things like, "I like it oldschool", and "Single monitor setups are like having thumbshifters on your bike. That shit keeps you real."

More News:

There is something very nice about walking through a quiet mist and getting a whiff of woodsmoke from a nearby house. Especially when it's mixed in with the smell of the ocean at low tide, or the sound of lapping waves.

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