Friday, January 21, 2011

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The last few days were 0% art-making, so all I've really created is a bunch of ideas in my sketchbook. Here they are.

0% art-making, but a lot of art-showing. Man, it feels good to finally be showing stuff after spending quite a while just making. That's half the point of art, ain't it? Showin' it?

Next up is an illustration gig, website stuff, and film-festival-submission-mania. This time around, I have a better idea of how the festival thing works. There's kind of an order of festivals you're supposed to hit, because some will only take your film if it's a premiere, and if you get into THIS festival, then THAT festival will almost certainly take it, etc etc.

But I decided today that I'm not going to do it the "right" way.

While making this film, my priority has always been to tell something honest, to share an idea, and to make something I'm proud of. I was always wary to not think about "doing well in festivals", because that's something completely out of my control. After screening the film to some close friends last night, I realized that I made the right choice with my priorities. I've ended up with a piece that I can share with pride because it's really an honest part of me, so I'm not relying on festival acceptance to justify all the work I've done.

So I'm going to send it to places that have meaning for me, and to everywhere else I can, but my submission plan is going to be based on my own priority, which is sharing with as many people as possible.

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