Tuesday, January 11, 2011

vancouver memories part II

Up until 4:30 am last night pounding through more memories (see previous post).

So far, all of my really bad memories are about breaking up with someone, dealing with the police, or being dangerously injured. The theory (thanks A!) is that you retain bad memories for survival - so it makes sense that injury and arrest are retained memories. But why breakups? Maybe it's a propogation-of-the-species type of instinct. If we all thought it was great to end a relationship, there wouldn't be any babies, and/or the dude might take off and not help provide / protect, etc.

I think as you get older you get really tired of them breakups. All those bad memories pile up in a steaming mess until you just don't want to do it any more. When you're younger, there's not enough bad memories yet, so you keep goin' for it.

I think the same applies to physical risk / injury. It takes a certain amount of negative experiences for you to instinctively go "okay, there's like a 25% chance I'm going to get road rash and tear my jeans if I do this. Not worth it."

Conversely, my negative experiences with the police have not taught me to abide by the law. They have only shown me that many laws are ridiculous and over-enforced by barbaric dickheads who have absolutely no mandate to be fair or just.

Jumped in the ocean today - while drying off, I watched an eagle swoop down and make a try for a duck. He dove down far away from the duck to gather speed, then soared horizontally about a foot off the surface of the ocean. I guess he's had success with the low sneak attack before? He was about 6 feet away from the duck before it dove under the water.

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