Saturday, April 2, 2011

nighttime thoughts

My favorite sound is the sound of wind moving through trees. If I had to be more specific, it would be the sound of wind moving through evergreen trees at night, when I'm alone. I'm not exaggerating here. This isn't like Facebook bullshit where everything is the "best ever". I've thought about it a lot and this is actually my favorite sound.

We always think of wind as "blowing" - which makes it sound like it's being forced or pushed. What's actually happening is the air is flowing from high-pressure areas to fill up lower pressure areas. In my mind, it's more like the air is being drawn-in, or sucked, than blown out.

I think it makes for a nicer image, as well. It's like a long steady inhalation. Relax your mouth open and draw in a nice slow breath. It's like that. Relaxing. Your lips are like the canopy of a forest.

I also like to imagine that the trees gather something from the wind. Kind of like how barnacles use their little fronds to gather in plankton from the water. But more like the cilia in our guts. Trees feel like giant filters on the surface of the earth, combing and cleaning the air as the planet takes a long, slow breath.

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