Friday, April 8, 2011

a few leaves go a long way

Just finished this painting. This is the kind of delicacy I was looking for in these "Spring Bud" paintings I've been working on. The trick was to change my mindset. I had to treat every little piece with lots of attention, and put down each line and each brushstroke very carefully. If I get big and spontaneous, it doesn't look as soft and light.

I did a few other things very differently than I usually do, as well. Lots of learning.

Sometimes I hate that paintings are always such a struggle for me. But maybe that's a good thing - I think I'm always pushing the edge of what I'm comfortable with. I never know what I'm going to end up with. It's always a bit scary-feeling, because I can spend a lot of time on a painting and the wrong move (with watercolour) will destroy it. I have to ride the line between small methodical steps, and bigger instinctual decisions.

Goddamn, it's addictive!

Here's a bigger pic.

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