Thursday, March 31, 2011

fart locker

This guy is at the "let it sit for a day" point. A few more touches, mostly cleaning up the background, then I'm calling it done.

Hot summery day today. Bare feet, shorts and t-shirt weather. Didn't get much done besides a couple hours of doodling, and fixing the neighbour's fence. Finding any excuse to get outside. Lots of biking, but no swimming.

The seals were down the beach this afternoon, barking up a storm. I couldn't see them, they were just around a rocky outcrop. By the time I got my bike and snuck down there, they were gone - someone was walking their dog and I'm sure the dog scared them away.

Here's a great term I heard today - used to describe someone's butt: "Fart Locker". It's especially funny if used to describe a hot butt.

i.e. "Luke Perry has a fantastic fart locker."

1 comment:

  1. Fart Locker is a terrible name for that painting. Don't even think about it.