Friday, April 22, 2011


an unholy mishmash of different things I'm working on at the moment. I tried to layer enough on there that I'm not giving too much away, because these are all collaborations and not strictly my own work. I'm learning a lot of new software these days, which is giving me neat ideas for my own projects.

This image is a pretty good representation of my state-of-mind, as well. Way too much going on, way too much computer stuff, and a distinct lack of drawing and painting action. Long daily walks are the only thing keeping me sane.

Today I'm headed up to Dawson City - another six hour drive North of Whitehorse, and quite close to the Arctic Circle. My animated film, "The Perfect Detonator", will be showing at the festival there. This is the first time the film will show to an unbiased audience. That's not entirely true - I know quite a few people in Dawson. But still, body language does not lie, and I'll get an idea of how people really feel when I'm sitting in the audience with them.

I really have no idea how people are going to react to my film, and I have no big expectations. I know I put my heart into it, and did my best, and I'm personally proud of it. Now it's just a matter of turning off that sensitive creation side, and throwing it out to the world as much as possible.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm nervous. Gah! First festival for The Perfect Detonator!

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