Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the surroundings

If that ain't purdy, I don't know what is. Look up the south slopes and you'd think it's all easy-going...

...but if you look behind you, the shadowy sides are still covered in snow. It's fun to climb to the top of a snowy incline, knowing that the other side is going to be warm and dry.

More purdy. I think one of the dogs, Freya, is starting to get the hots for me. She keeps giving me long looks - constantly hoping for a little eye contact. She's eyeing me right now from across the room.

This happens to me way too often with dogs, both male and female. I get dog-humped way too much. I wish I knew a way to turn off a dog, I would do it all the time. Maybe if I made retching sounds or something.

They are pretty hot though.

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