Saturday, April 9, 2011

nothing is true

Oystercatchers got funny beaks and bright red eyes!

Strange weather today - everything was still and heavy and silky-grey. The sky felt like a big blanket draped over the horizons and drooped down low overhead. I think it must be low pressure or high pressure in the air or something. I wonder if some weather is due to come in.

Even the Oystercatchers, which are famously shy, didn't bother flying away and sat on the rocks, staring at me lazily as I walked by. The river otter, seal and sea lion all swam very close to shore tonight - as did I.

For my entire childhood, all I drew were animals from Robert Bateman books or wildlife encyclopedias. I feel like I'm going back there again for some reason. I wonder if I'm unlearning all the art I learned. That would be fantastic. I'd love to start back again with children's scribbles and make it up all over again.

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