Friday, April 8, 2011

now and then

Sloppy ocean at sunset last night. I was standing out in the splashes with my pants rolled up when I noticed an immature bald eagle hovered right over me, wings outstretched, looking out to sea. It was really low, and stayed there for a long time. Low enough for me to notice his eyes, and the way his long feathers were stretched out like fingers. Long enough for it to feel like a powerful good omen. Thanks, eagle.

Today is another gorgeous bright spring day. Bugs are hovering over the salal like little faeries. My window is open. A raven is croaking in the far distance. Big dopey bumblebees are bumping around outside the window, looking for a good place to make a summer home.

I'm headed north to the Yukon in four days. It's hard to imagine it could be any better than this, but I know it will be beautiful.

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