Thursday, March 3, 2011

hot donkey action

I don't think I've ever appreciated a West Coast spring like I am this year. I think it's because I'm not living in the city, so I'm able to pay more attention to the lengthening days, the changing temperature in the air, the migration of birds, the buds in the trees and the fresh smelling soil.

Springtime means things need to be done outside, and I'm being asked to perform a lot of fun farm-y jobs for people these days. Today I was fixing this corral - the donkeys panicked in a windstorm and kicked out a rail, and some of the siding of the barn. It was a perfect day to work outside, with a clear blue sky, warm air without the chilled edge on it, the rich smell of hay and dung, and waves crashing on the beach a hundred yards away. I said to myself "this feels like heaven", which is really saying something since I was also nursing a brutal hangover from last night.

At the moment I'm also taking care of the neighbour's chickens, which is a fun little job. Letting them out of the coop in the morning, collecting eggs (sometimes still warm), feeding them, and locking them back in at night.

Tomorrow I'll take an hour to collect donkey dung off the meadow and use it to fertilize some raised garden beds that are in the works.

To be out in the fresh air, using my hands and a little common sense, and working with animals, is extremely fulfilling.

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