Friday, March 18, 2011

nature-lovers post

This one's getting close. It's a bit busy right now, but I think it will feel more solid once I fill in some of the negative space between the leaves. I'd like it if the bottom felt like one solid mass of colour - which means I'll have to make the silhouette interesting and well-defined.

I'm starting to like where this one is going. The pink stays. I might try to make the top part as realistic and volumic as possible, to contrast with the flatness and graphic bits.

Morning Walk:

Springtime on the West Coast is subtle but thrilling to me. In the shadowy understory of this rainforest, buds are bursting open into shimmering clouds of bright green dots - tiny leaves emerging from the Salmonberry thickets. The moss on the forest floor is iridescent with fresh growth. Streams are swollen and overflowing, forming murky pools among the roots and ferns, or mucky marshes where skunk cabbage will soon appear.

The world is so filled with amazing things - I think you could spend a whole lifetime on one acre of land and never get tired of the change and the variety you'd see.

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