Monday, February 28, 2011


This is one of many reference photos I took this afternoon. No pretty composition or anything. I just liked the light on the salal leaves, makin' em glow. I like the touches of red and orange as well.

Happened upon a big raven roost as the sun went down. Laid on the wet grass and listened to the watery quorks, warbles and rough bass calls of about two dozen of the massive black birds. I guess Raven Mating Season is upon us - there were a lot of pairs chasing each other low over the trees and making sweet teasing melodies back and forth to each other.

An immature (but still massive) bald eagle was hanging out quietly in the same tree as a few ravens. Some kind of falcon also whipped past.

I'm still waiting on the final sound mix for Perfect Detonator (my animated short film) before I can get it mastered and sent to film festivals. The sound is 95% complete, it just needs some small tweaks and mixing into 5-channel sound. This part is being done at a decked-out professional studio, and I'm getting an "indie short film" cheap rate, so understandably I'm a low priority next to any commercially funded feature films that come in. Which means I just have to be patient.

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