Friday, March 11, 2011

city camping

I said "an image a day", so here's your damned image, blog. I hope you like my ear and a dreary street.

Tonight is City Camping night! I learned a lesson last time - it's hard to feel safe camping in the city (or as some people would call it, "sleeping on the streets",) because it's hard to hide. It sucks to have people watching you while you sleep.

So this time I bought a couple camouflage tarps. It's pissing rain and I didn't pack a tent, but I'll use ground tarp, then string up the other tarp between two trees and hold it out with four tent pegs I packed. Can't wait!

I'm staying out of the downtown area. It's actually not going to be very "city" - I'm gonna crash up in the Endowment Lands - a chunk of forest that separates the University of British Columbia from the rest of Vancouver. I used to mountain bike around there all the time, so I think I should be able to remember some places where I can get off the trails and be out of sight. (There's a wide network of trails through the Endowment Lands.)

The trick is that I'll be heading up there after dark. I brought my headlamp so I won't have a problem setting up, but I'll have to do a wide circle after I pick a spot to make sure I don't wake up 30 feet off the trail, with some senior citizen's walking group staring down at me as I crawl out of my sleeping bag wearing nothing but my boxers in the morning.

Should go well.

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