Monday, March 14, 2011


sound kitchen studios. my film is not this green in real life.

Today was a fun dance-creation workshop until 8 pm. Lots of good play time with more exciting and creepy discoveries. I actually felt nauseous watching one bit today, which is a good sign. Things are starting to solidify into more serious talks about set construction (which I love), and finalized animation. The whole thing is nonstop invention, collaboration, and fun.

Then I had a late night at Sound Kitchen Studios where Sound-Engineer-Chris puts the finishing touches on Perfect Detonator, my next film. The film is done! I love working with professionals who really care about quality, and know their job inside-out.

I'm super ramped up on coffee right now.

Staying at my sister's tonight - but tomorrow is going to be City Camping III - Extreme Limitz!

I have no camping gear whatsoever this time - just my rainjacket, bike, and laptop bag. I'm not going to make the last ferry home, and I don't feel like staying at someone's house, so here's the plan:

Bus to Horseshoe Bay (where the ferry leaves the next morning), and go super homeless stylie - wander around all night trying to stay warm, maybe find a dry spot under a tree to curl up. Maybe buy some vodka to help myself sleep.

No idea why I enjoy this kind of thing. Just the challenge and the variety, I think.

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