Friday, March 11, 2011

because i know you can't get enough salal

Yesterday I started two paintings of salal - westcoast rainforest undergrowth whose leaves stay on year-round. I don't know what's going to happen with the watercolour one, but some strange shapes are starting to appear on the acrylic one. These are details, so you can't see the strange shapes.

I got my film back from Mister Colour Correction tonight - no problems at all! The video was good just as it was, with absolutely no changes.

I haven't had to deal with post-production in a few years, and I can't believe how much easier things are now that everything is digital. If the film was getting mastered to analog, there would be all kinds of problems with colour bleeding, blacks crushing and losing definition, etc. But now it's all zeroes and ones, so there's no worry about the information being lost through different media.

Tonight is a Vancouver night. Hotel window looking over a field of halogen lights, with a brighter haze of murky white light on the horizon. It feels all sci-fi out there - like people are being bred in vats and shooting lazers and shit.

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