Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obviously that means you're not that great at it.

Lots of visitors on the Island for the holidays. You can recognize them because they're wearing fresh-n'-new looking clothes, which look great but aren't really practical (i.e a bright-white toque, which would get dirty if it was used for more than fashion, "pre-stressed jeans", etc..) More money, and more priority placed on surface appearance. I'm glad I don't have to feel those pressures, I was never any good at it.

I'm also glad the Island has lots of visitors. Keeps things fresh and brings in money to sustain the community.

It's amazing how different city-culture is from country-culture. Even by the things people say, you can tell where they're livin'. People living 50 kilometers from each other are that different. I think the separation of water has a huge effect on that, and not because of the time required to travel by ferry. I think there's something about islands that gives each one a distinct feeling. Even tiny islets in the middle of lakes have something magical about them. No matter how small it is, no matter how little water you have to cross, it always feels like you're entering another world when you step out of the water onto new land.

Lots of big wind from the North last night - a real Pacific winter storm. You can really feel the front pushing down from the Arctic. Huge waves crashing on the rocks, pushing logs and driftwood around, whipping the sea into a foam. The power was out for the morning. I just pulled out the camp stoves when it came back on again.

View from the front deck.

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