Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a little cramped up but i understand

I just ordered ten huge watercolour sheets - bigger than I've ever used. Feels good. Making big art. Now I need to buy a couple big sheets of plywood to stretch them on.

I'm thinking about doing a graphic-novel journalistic documentary on some kind of environmental hooplah. I want to sneak through the bush and take photos of people doing bad things, but also dress up nice and interview bigwigs. Anyone know of some hooplah I can get my fingers into?


  1. You could start by catching the bastards who are ripping out the salal on Gabriola to sell to florists!

  2. been checking out your blog for some time. love your work man.

    the book sounds like a great idea! couple ideas to throw in the hat...

    they are spraying a chemical in our new growth forests to make the trees grow faster. But the stuff is killing everything else. I know a journalist working with a scientist at UBC on it, he might be interested in collaborating.

    the drug proof lice (from farm fishing) is causing a threat to our wild salmon here in bc but the gov denies anything is wrong.