Saturday, December 18, 2010

dark getting darker

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I wonder how many people work more than five days per week. I work six days a week, on average.

I'm taking this weekend off and it feels good. But weird. I hid under the covers and played with a flashlight for about an hour. Now I'm going to light my studio closet with Christmas lights, put a chair in there, and hang out in there for a bit. A secret place within my special workroom, like a hole with a hole. Extreme privacy.

I might also put a box on my head. No one will ever find me in there.

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  1. Man, when I'm on a project I'll work crazy long days and all week...sometimes to meet deadlines but usually to bill and get paid! But it evens out with time off between gigs..downtime sucks!
    I always end up taking time out throughout the day to hang with the kids here and there and play some cars or something...change a diaper... avert a mini crisis... etc...

    Hahaha, what the fuck!?!?