Monday, December 20, 2010

nightmares and dreams

I believe that a big part of creativity (and living happy?) is learning to listen to the little thoughts that pop into the back of your head. Most of them sound ridiculous, uncool or unachievable, so we throw them out without giving them a half-second worth of consideration. But these are our innermost thoughts - the things that really want to come out, the things that make us truly unique. I think that's why it's so scary to listen to them - because acting on them is a step into the unknown, and may separate you from what's normal.

I'm trying to listen more. It's a life-long exercise, dat's po' sho'.

My latest Listen is shown in the above picture. I was painting, and I kept getting this thought - "you need to do this painting in stop-motion." I threw it out a few times, but it kept coming back, so I went for it.

Now I have this crazy setup over my watercolour painting. A digital camera goes in the angle bracket at the top. I tested it tonight and it works! I have all kinds of ideas of how I can use this device. Fun fun.

Bonus round:

I had three separate nightmares last night about friends getting cut, bleeding, and dying. Then I had an idea for the start of another animation (which needs to have a soundtrack by Kid Koala). Quick sketches, just so I can remember. "Camera angles" in dreams are always interesting. Sometimes it's really cinematic, sometimes first-person.

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