Thursday, December 2, 2010

All output, no input

My life is totally unbalanced at the moment. No exercise in days, except for a walk down the street to meet the local picture-framing guy. It's pretty cool to be able to walk to see people like that, and to meet them in their cabins instead of via email. He's a cool guy, super down-to-earth, the best framing person I've met. He has lots of ideas, and I think we'll be partnering on some stuff in the future. Also, he has a Bonsai business.

I have nothing else to say because all I've been doing is painting and animating. Not even going to the coffeeshop to draw and watch people. I did take a 45 minute break and got some hot wings and a pint at the local pub, which is where this drawing came from.


  1. That's not braille - that's ENERGY, man! :)

  2. Your sketches are awesome. A real source of inspiration for make my sketchbook want to be better. Keep drawing!

  3. Dude! Thanks! Is this Jason Chee?

    I will keep drawing until I'm either blind or paralyzed, don't worry. It is my Answer.

  4. Sheee-it! Blast from the past! I hope you're doing well, dude.