Friday, October 15, 2010

this is heaven

From living up north in cabins, I figured that the best place for a wood stove was in a cold-climate log cabin in the forest, with snow on the ground and northern lights undulating slowly across the sky. I now believe that a wood-stove heated cabin is just as good by the Pacific Ocean. Smellin' that wood smoke mix with salt and seaweed while walking on the beach, watching the sky darken, listening to Oystercatchers (small birds) chatter on the shore, is real nice. Real nice.

Nice enough to come up with the title for my next film, "This is Heaven." The title works perfectly for the theme. Above is the cover book I'm using for the first ideas and sketches. My sister works at a publishing house and they get these sample books called "Dummies" that book printers use as samples. The publishers get overloaded with Dummies, so she passes them off to me. Free sketchbooks! Usually glossy paper, though, which makes it a challenge. No pencils, no watercolour.

When I told my sister that I had ideas for a new film, her boyfriend said "Not already! I thought you said you were going to paint?" I think my family stresses about my career, somewhat. Long hours on long projects with a bit of payoff every 2-3 years.

I'll still paint, but I ain't gonna stop making films, people!

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