Tuesday, October 5, 2010

new book

First page of my new carry-along sketchbook. Just because I'm putting up an image every post doesn't mean it has to be a nice-lookin' image.

I need to get the final edit of my film done today, but I also have three hours of heavy garden work to do, which includes taking sand and seaweed from the beach.

Then its another six days living out of a backpack - this time mostly in Vancouver. Early ferry ride tomorrow, then seeing a film I worked on at Vancouver Film Fest, three days of sound editing on my film, and a meeting for the dance show I'm working on. Then a two-day Thanksgiving with my family, then straight to a screening of my last film, Boar Attack.

I haven't shaved since I went up to the farm two weeks ago. I better do it today or I'm going to have a nasty beard by the time that Boar Attack screening rolls around.

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