Thursday, October 14, 2010


Working myself up into painting, one sketchbook-page at a time.

Swimming in the ocean again every day. It's cold. The weak link is my balls. I've always thought I could just get used to it, but I didn't consider the nether regions of my person. I don't think it's in man's nature to toughen up his scrotum.

"Yeah, hit me one more time down there... yeah, I'm getting used to it. One more time!"

It just doesn't happen.

I've been reading about whales, and a lot of scientists free-dive to get close to them... apparently whales don't like all the bubbles that come out of SCUBA, so free-diving is the way to go. So I feel a bit better about the idea of using a wetsuit, because it would let me go deep and practice holding my breath. Apparently the Orca (Killer Whales) were around again last weekend, which is exciting and scary.

Granted, I've been swimming naked lately, so maybe a pair of shorts would do wonders.

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