Saturday, October 16, 2010


One of my favorite things about Canada is our First Nations contingent. We're so lucky to have a relatively large population of people whose cultures are (were?) ingrained with living off the land and respectin' it. Lots of amazing knowledge and wisdom. And clothing!

Canada, do not take for granted the Mukluk!

I'm not talking about Ugly Boots, I'm talking about the real thing - hide boots, maybe with a little beading on the toes and maybe covered in fur, or with fur trim.

Put some wool liners in those suckers and you're good to go in the coldest weather. Your feet stay as warm as they would in any boot. If you're only walking on cold, dry snow, the leather bottoms will take a few winters to wear down - and you can sew on new leather if you start to get holes.

They're extremely light, as well. Feels like you're walking naked. You can see how awesome it would be to be totally naked except for a fur suit on, like the people of the far north.

My only pair is a heavy-duty caribou-fur boot, and the fur sheds like crazy. Not cool for inside. So I ordered a pair of short ones today from a lady in Saskatchewan. Give her the size and she'll sew you up a pair. If you have a house with cold floors, or are too lazy to keep the wood stove stoked, these are a life saver for wearing around the house.

My other excuse: I've noticed that I get pretty chilled after swimming, so I need something to cover my feet to warm back up. They're always cold afterwards.

PS. I snuck up on a posse of four seals today. I was hiding in the rocks, warmed by the sun. They were floating about thirty feet away laying on their backs, absorbing the sun. Thirty feet! That's pretty close.

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