Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thar's me shack for the next ten days - it's called "The Treehouse". I picked the most remote shack on the farm - mostly because it's the only one with no electric / oil heater. I gotta use the woodstove.

No work today- feels good! I read about chess, fed horses, talked about building guitars. I drove around the farm with the farm manager, shared a beer, talked about trickle chargers, inverters, and solar panel / generator setups. Tried to figure out how many amp-hours in a six-battery setup, where four batteries are in series in parallel with another two batteries in series. I haven't done that shit since I was 21, and the other guy had no idea either, so it boiled down to a mutual cuss-session while fingering wires and flicking switches.

Discussed composting methods, pine beetles, gettin' firewood, dogs, and the weather.

There's a double-header roller derby in Armstrong this weekend. Lumby vs. Enderby, and the Raggedy Rollers: Pink vs. Black. I will be there even if I have to hitch a ride. Earlier in the day is a ploughing competition down the road, but I might be working then.

Great phone conversation with my collaborator / composer / sound designer on Perfect Detonator (my film). We're getting close to the end! Also good Skype conversation with a post-production house, who will be doing the final mix, putting things into Dolby Surround.


  1. Jay - if you need some sound people, a very good friend of mine was the audio engineer at EA for the Tricky snowboard series... won a Grammy (I think) and is generally a sound wave magician.

    If I can help, lemme know.