Sunday, September 19, 2010


Detail of a painting I finished, that I will now turn into a CD cover.

Today I'm packing for a 10-day creation workshop at an art-farm in the interior of British Columbia. I'm getting good at shipping my studio out - I can do in one large rubbermaid container. Right now I'm defragmenting my laptop, backing up old files, putting on software and files I'll need, rolling up watercolour paper, packing my scanner, and bringing way too many sketchbooks.

I don't know what to expect in the next ten days, but I am hoping to:

(1) Bathe in a waterfall (apparently you're allowed to do this in the summer.)
(2) Sip beer and sit around a campfire with good people, and listen to the wolves howling.
(3) Impregnate my clothes with the smell of woodsmoke. Love that smell!
(4) Have my own shack to sleep in. (There's a lot of different shacks and houses.)
(5) Finish the last shot of my film, and the credits.
(6) Finish the CD Cover.
(7) Come up with some exciting ideas for the dance piece (the reason I'm going).
(8) Get some big belly laughs in.
(9) Sit in the quiet and watch the sky / trees / hills / mountains / grasses, and whatever else happens out there.

It would be great if I could help out on the farm, splitting wood or doing some other physical work, but I think they already have farm hands for that, and I think the people bringing me up there might get pissed if I'm out brushing the horses instead of animating.


  1. Ha, I knew it had to be Caravan! Get ahold of me if you'll be in Salmon Arm for sure.

  2. Dude. Are you going to the roller derby in Armstrong on Saturday? I'll be there!