Monday, September 27, 2010

dead salmon

Hot day in Armstrong

Bathed twice under "the waterfall" - a water tank at the top of a cliff with a pipe coming out the bottom. Stand at the bottom of the cliff, pull the cord and get a nice rainwater shower. Hoo-aa.

Swam in a nice meandering river amidst corn fields and the stink of fertilizer (i.e. cow shit). Looks like spawning season has just finished - dead salmon are floating downstream and bobbing around in the shallows, belly-up. Climbed a tree and got a huge scratch on my arm, which feels good. It's nice to feel my body hurting instead of my brain. Too much sitting around and art-ing with people, not enough solo time with plants and water and animals.

Night-time walk with a horse last night. Moonlight casting shadows through dark trees, coyotes howling nearby, the horse nudging my neck with his soft muzzle, and my hand on his flank.

My skin reeks like dead fish and I don't want to wash it off.

Missing alone time, glad to have some now. Dinner bell rings, back to the party...

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