Wednesday, September 29, 2010

out the window

The sound for my short film is 90% finished, and the animation is completely finished except for the last shot. I still have to do the fine cut (final edit).

This is a scary time, where I have to show the film to a lot of people and see what they think. I've looked at the damned thing so much that I don't even know if it
will make sense to people, let alone hold their attention and affect them in some way.

I've had two test screenings so far. Most of the watchers have been artist-types, which (I'm sorry to say), I don't trust, because they're trained to appreciate unconventional work, and
tend to make concessions for films if they works on some level (i.e. "It's beautiful!" which means nothing.)

I don't make my films for artists, I make 'em for everyone.

The screenings have been attended by four children as well - deadly honest, creatures with low attention spans, and desensitized by video games, violence, youtube diarrhea, fast cuts, cocks and balls
and tits and everything else.

I sat at the back and watched the kids closely. Even without the sound finished, the kids watched the screen without losing attention for the entire film.
They smiled, laughed, fell silent at the harsh parts, and even understood the parts that I was worried about being too complicated.
That is such a compliment it brings tears to my eyes, even as I type this.

I'm not saying it's a great film, but so far people react to it and understand its meanings, and that's all that matters to me.

Thank the gods.

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