Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cramming day X

Here's the workspace after ten days of cramming (five to go!)

"Where is all the art?" you might ask yourself. "It doesn't look very crazy."

The reason - today is September 15th. All the art gets put away and Microsoft Word is working like mad.

This is one of the two big deadline days for Canada Council of the Arts grants. CCA is a federal department that gives amazing monetary support for film, painting, dance, new media - any kind of art, as long as you're doing something interesting, and your work is good enough to stand out. The cultural landscape in Canada would be very different without it.

On this day, artists are frenetically filling out forms, touching up proposals, editing and re-editing, compiling DVD's with support material, and rushing to get it to the post office before they close at 5:30 pm. All across Canada artists are doing this. We are bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived and edgy on this day.

I have three hours of gardening to do before I get back to the grant. I'm pissed at the distraction right now, but once I'm out tilling the soil, I'm sure I'll stop and take a deep breath, smell the earth and the dew, and think, "Fuck, I needed this."

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